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Funk Master
Thanks ahead of time for looking at my page!
Feel free to note me with questions or really anything related to adopts, I'd like to think I'm easy to talk to!

*Permanent semi-hiatus*

Requests: Closed
Trades: ??? Maybe ??? Note me with offers ??? (Most likely to accept from mutuals!)
Collabs: Close friends only


-I can't afford your adopts, how can I get them?
If you're a few dollars off let me know! I'll usually let it slide and just sell. If not...pitch a trade? I might take it I might not.

-Would you let me know when you post adopts?
Sure! Just ask (if enough people ask i could put something here like a schedule).

-What are your inspirations?
Nowadays historical fashion, haute couture, and street fashion/costume fashion.

-Why are you so monotone?
I try not to be, but I'm terribly awful with people. I try to do my best to reply as kindly and professionally as I can but it usually comes off as monotone.

-Will you work for free?
I periodically open free adopts/customs, but otherwise no. I'm not financially in a stable place so I really can't offer my services for free all the time even though I'd love to.

-Can I be your friend?
I'd love to make new friends, so just talk to me! It takes a while for me to warm up to people but I'll do my best.

-Why do you make your friends pay you?
My friends and I are pretty much all on the same page with this. I'd like to think my friends understand that in the end this is work. I pay them too if I want stuff from them or we trade depending on the situation.

-What happens if your adopts get no bids?
I really don't know. I'll figure out something haha.

-What are you like IRL/what are your pronouns/sexuality/race/where are you from/what do I call you/where do you go to school/other social media?
I rather keep this sort of information to myself as I used to overshare. Pronouns you can use they/them or she/her or just refer to me as Funky.

-Are you dating x friend of yours?


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why are you dying? TT n TT
Lots of stuff 8')
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happy birthday!
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